Buffalo Dancer
Est. 1974

The Finest Handmade Traditional Southwestern and Native American Jewelry Available.

Thanks for visiting Buffalo Dancer Online. We are one of the oldest producers of fine Southwestern and American Indian Jewelry in the United States.

Vintage US coins, sterling silver, coin silver, hand processed leather straight from a hide, and semi precious stones, such as various types of turquoise, onyx, and coral, make up our unique designs of Native American and Southwestern Jewelery.

Our jewelery is all handmade, hand stamped, fully hand processed, by Native American workers registered with Taos Pueblo which boarders northern Taos, NM. Due to everything being hand crafted, there may be slight differences from one piece to the next, which results in unique wearable art.

We specialize in casting our pieces, for example a naja, in the traditional "old style" form of hand carving on tufa stone.

Due to Buffalo Dancer being a small business, our orders may take 2 to 4 weeks to be produced and shipped. Shipping estimates are subject to current stock of product and labor workload.

So welcome. Please enjoy your shopping experience and feel free to contact us by phone or email with any questions at:


Thank You,
Buffalo Dancer

*Wholesale and/or custom ordering is available.
Please contact by phone or via email with wholesale or custom order questions, prices, and product information.
Also a Tax ID is required for wholesale purchase.

**The law states that anytime a minted coin is worth more then its face value, the coin is categorized as a collector coin, and can therefore be shaped and altered.